Aug 04

5 best and worst states for car insurance costs

5 best and worst states for car insurance costs
The summer driving season is fast approaching, which is great news if you're planning a road trip. But summer is also the busiest season when it comes to auto insurance claims, so now might be a good time to make sure that your coverage is up to date.
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Survey: Detroit has costliest car insurance in US
Detroit's car insurance rates average about $ 5,000 per year, compared with Brooklyn, N.Y., the second-highest at about $ 3,900 and Philadelphia third at $ 2,800, according to a survey released by last week. The consumer website found …
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Aug 03

New life insurance study debunks 'buy term, invest the difference'

New life insurance study debunks 'buy term, invest the difference'
Typical economic analyses that compare the cost of buying term and whole life policies fail to properly assess the guaranteed cash value growth component of permanent life insurance, Mr. Babbel said. He noted that cash value guarantees always grow, …
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The plain truth about cruise insurance
"You may find a more comprehensive policy for a cheaper price," said Megan Singh, spokeswoman for Squaremouth, a website where you can compare travel insurance products from dozens of providers. "It isn't always in the best interest of the traveler to …
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Check Your Insurance Policies for Hidden Coverage (Like Massages)
Like credit cards with their overlooked perks, home, health, and auto insurance policies often provide coverage for hidden or unusual items. Before you spend money out of pocket on massages, pot hole damage, or property improvements, check your policies.
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Jul 24

Comprehensive Car Insurance Quotes Added to Policy Search Tool at Insurer Website Online

Midland, TX (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Finding the right coverage for a vehicle insurance policy can be one challenge that adults face who frequently review providers on the web. The Insurance Pros company is now featuring comprehensive car insurance quotes that can be obtained or reviewed inside of its search tool at

Agencies that provide alternative protection for all vehicle types can now be sorted and examined by American motorists using the finder tool. The comprehensive plans include coverage that is usually left out of a regular liability car coverage plan that is available at the state level in the United States.

“Some agencies sell comprehensive auto insurance as an add-on while some companies sell policies that already include this essential protection,” said one Insurance Pros rep.

Because of the variety through agents on a national level for insurance protection, car owners searching the Insurance Pros USA system might require a customized policy. The revamped list of agencies that is viewed upon entering the insurer search tool now provides a way to seek out full coverage and liability based plans.

“When a driver enters our database, what is listed is an entire list of agencies that only provide coverage in a driver’s location to help target the best policies,” said the rep.

The Insurance Pros company is also providing more routes of finding motorcycle insurance providers through its nationally used database in 2015. Owners of all brands of bikes can now access the tool at to explore available coverage prices.


The company supplies ways that any adult can find insurance prices through its database portal on the web. The company connects frequently with different providers of coverage to promote new plans to the public. The company allows any person who can validate a zip code to use its search system at no cost and from any web-connected device.

Jul 22

They're Leaving Las Vegas: Fewer I Do's in Last Decade

They're Leaving Las Vegas: Fewer I Do's in Last Decade
When it comes to destination weddings, Las Vegas has lost that loving feeling. The Las Vegas Sun reports that the wedding rate in Sin City has plummeted 37 percent in the past decade—nearly 47,000 fewer couples got married in 2014 than in 2004.
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What Rental Car Insurance Do You Really Need?
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — I rented a car a couple of weeks ago and thought I had scored a great deal at $ 150 for three days. When I got to the counter and was asked whether I needed any insurance, I froze like a deer in headlights. I knew my credit card …

Is Mileage-Based Auto Insurance Worth the Discount?
NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Pay-as-you-drive insurance has become an enticing option for drivers, but does reduced mileage always add up to big savings? It depends where you live and who's your insurer. Still fairly new in most states, this …

Online Car Insurance Quotes – A List of Vehicles Covered By Commercial Insurance
Commercial auto insurance is a great policy for trucks and vans. A plan can provide excellent coverage for both the vehicle and the transported goods. By comparing online car insurance quotes, drivers can find good coverage at low premiums. Every …
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Jul 21

Queen City Angels Closes Investment in T-Pro Solutions

Queen City Angels

Queen City Angels, the region’s longest running angel group, today announced an investment in T-Pro Solutions, a New Albany, Ohio-based Software-as-a-Service provider. The rapidly growing business provides consumer package goods (CPG) manufacturers, including Kellogg’s and TreeTop, with a suite of software applications that help them more efficiently analyze, predict and manage their trade promotion investment. The round of funding was part of a strategic collaborative effort among three of Ohio’s largest angel investment groups, including Rev1 Ventures and Ohio TechAngels Funds. QCA also announced today that member Alan Roth has been appointed to the T-Pro Solutions’ board of directors.

“The angel community in Ohio has provided incredible resources, including access to business leaders and industry experts with practical experience to help grow our business,” said Terry Ziegler, CEO of T-Pro Solutions. “Our investors’ ongoing contributions have really helped our business thrive. It’s also great to see QCA’s interest in analytics companies, as T-Pro Solutions is the third data company investment in the past several months. Our team welcomes QCA and Alan Roth to our family and appreciates their interest in our company’s success.”

CPG companies spend 20 percent of their revenues promoting their products in-store and operate on thin margins. The T-Pro Solutions software provides predictive analytics software that help to protect the margins by delivering more accurate trade promotion planning and optimization.

“T-Pro Solutions has a clearly defined target market and a proven technology that solves an industry challenge, helping CPG manufacturers such as Kellogg’s to protect their margins and improve discount and trade promotion spending,” said Tony Shipley, Chair of QCA. “The company has a strong, experienced leadership team that understands the market, and we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their success. Like, Rev1 and Ohio TechAngels, we are committed to Ohio’s start-ups and entrepreneurs, and this collaborative investment is yet one more example of how we can build and grow Ohio companies.”

Earlier this year, QCA announced investments in Liquid, a start-up building a mobile, real-time digital platform for scientific data acquisition, analysis and collaboration; and Infrared Digital, which is developing a big data platform and developer community for reusable and re-saleable analytics modules and plug-ins.

About Queen City Angels

The Queen City Angels (QCA) is a group of more than 50 experienced accredited investors who provide funding, support and guidance to early-stage growth companies in the Cincinnati area and surrounding region. QCA members, which include former C-level executives and entrepreneurs, draw from their personal operating and management experience to evaluate opportunities and provide on-going mentoring to young businesses with exceptional growth potential. Since 2000, QCA members have directly invested more than $ 45 million in 75 portfolio companies, which have collectively raised over $ 350 million. CB Insight recently ranked QCA second out of 370 national angel organizations. For additional information, visit

About T-Pro Solutions

T-Pro Solutions provides CPG clients accurate, real-time information by integrating TPM data into a user-friendly dashboard for planning, forecasting and predictive analytics. T-Pro Analytics is a cloud-based SaaS solution. By combining CPG intelligence silos, clients can optimize promotional ROI in real-time. T-Pro Analytics can be implemented in a couple of months, is easy to use, and is affordable. T-Pro Solutions is based in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about T-Pro Solutions and sign up for an in-depth T-Pro Analytics trade management optimization software demonstration, visit or email info(at)t-ProSolutions(dot)com


Jul 19

Insurance Continuing Education – Cancelling a Flood Insurance Policy

The cancellation or nullification of Flood Insurance Policy procedures can be found in detail at  -  and it contains some10 pages of detail.  This discussion does not cover all of the intricacies and details contained in the manual, but should give the agent guidance on what canceling or nullifying a policy can entail, what is needed, and how it can be explained to the client.


Refunds will be made by the insurance company for the current and one prior year.  If refund is requested for a period of more than 2 years, then the NFIP must process the request.  The request must consist of a policy cancellation request and the premium refund calculation for each year.  (A copy of the cancellation request form follows.)  The insurer must also include statistical records for each policy term and evidence of premium having been received—accounting details which should be expected.


Current Policy Number: In the upper right-hand corner of the form, enter the NFIP policy number.

Policy Term: Enter the policy term and the cancellation effective date.

Agent Information: Enter the complete name, mailing address, phone number and fax number of the agent/producer.

Insured Mail Address: Enter complete name, mailing address and phone number of the insured.  If insured has moved, enter the new mailing address.

First Mortgage: Enter the complete name, mailing address, phone number and fax number of the first mortgagee.

Other Parties Notified: Enter the complete name, mailing address of all other interested parties that should be notified, such as an additional insured, second mortgagee, loss payee, trustee, or disaster assistance agency.

Property Location: Enter the location of the insured property.

Cancellation Reason Code: Check the reason for cancellation of the policy and provide any additional information required.  (A list of cancellation codes follows.)

Refund: Check the appropriate box to indicate to whom the refund is to be made payable.

When the cancellation/nullification notice has been received and if it directs the NFIP to make a premium refund to the PAYOR, and the policy has been endorsed showing the PAYOR as a WYO company or agency, then

F the NFIP will make the refund payable to the insured and mail the refund in care of the producer.

Check the appropriate box to indicate to whom the refund should be mailed.

Signature: The insured must sign and date the Cancellation/Nullification Request Form for all cancellation reason codes except for 5 and 6.  The producer must sign, date, and enter a Tax ID Number or Social Security number in every case.  After the form is completed, attach all supporting documents, and mail the original to the NFIP

The producer should retain the second copy; the third copy goes to the insured and the 4th copy to the mortgagee.

After this form has been processed, the NFIP will send the producer, mortgagee and insured a notice of cancellation.



The following reason codes for cancellation/nullification of NFIP policies is a summary of the reasons as most of them are self explanatory.  For more details, please refer to the Flood Insurance Manual.

1.  Building Sold or Removed.  Insured has no more insurable interest, or any other reason that the building is sold or removed.  If the building is sold, proof of sale is required.  Request must be received within 1 year of sale/removal, accompanied by Bill of Sale, settlement statement, or other such proof of removal or total loss.  Up to 2 years pro rata refund

2.  Contents Sold or Removed.  Insured no longer has an insurable interest or the property has been removed from the property.  Proof is needed, such as Bill of Sale, etc.  Pro rata refund.  Cancellation request must be received within 1 year of new policy effective date.

3. Policy Canceled and Rewritten to Establish a Common Expiration Date with Other insurance Coverage.  A “housekeeping” reason and new policy must be rewritten with the same company for the same or higher” amounts of coverage.  This should be accompanied by a Cancellation form for the previous policy.  One year refund maximum.

4.  Duplicate NFIP Policies.  Refund is pro rata.  Insured can choose which policy to keep, but only one policy will be effective.  Document by submitting copy of declaration page(s) and copy of force-placement letter from the mortgagee if applicable. Force-placement usually has been done by the lender, but if both policies are applicable, the WYO company will cancel the force-placed policy.

5.  Non-Payment.  If there has been an “insufficient funds” check used to pay the premiums, policy is then nullified, with bank’s notice attached to the form.  A full premium refund will be provided to the producer if the producer has sent his funds to the insurer.  If the WYO covers the premium for a prospective insured and then does not receive payment, the policy can be nullified.  Full refund.

insurance continuing education

insurance continuing education online

continuing education insurance

insurance continuing education

insurance continuing education online

continuing education insurance

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Jul 18

Your First Car! Here's What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Your First Car! Here's What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance
The first time you settle into the driver's seat and start the engine of your very own car is special, whether your ride is a sporty, new model you received as a college graduation gift or a clunker you bought with summer job earnings. Before you hit …
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What Does Your Car Insurance Cover In the Aftermath of a Flood?
One frequent occurrence is a claim for water damage after the car has been driven into water that is “deep enough to severely damage the vehicle,” Crowley said. Although Chubb considers these losses under the "comprehensive" coverage, other insurance …

Dropped! 3 steps for dealing with a car insurance cancellation
If the insurance company seriously won't budge, it's time to shop around. Gather several quotes online from reputable car insurance companies. And don't drag your feet, Bach cautions. "It's best not to wait to shop because sometimes it can take a while …

Jul 16

Car Insurance Quotes Can Cut Coverage Prices In Half!

Car Insurance Quotes Can Cut Coverage Prices In Half!
The average American driver has to spend about $ 1000 on auto insurance each year for minimum liability coverage. For many years, there was not an efficient way of substantially reducing high car insurance prices, but now online car insurance quotes are …
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Conn. Gas Station Owners Receive Auto Insurance Deal
But many insurance companies haven't recognized that and have kept their rates high. "GoodWorks canvasses the broad market, finds the most competitive rates and provides comprehensive business coverage for our members," Fox said. Second, it provides …

Jul 15

Phoenix Children's Hospital and Watertree Health® Team Up to Save Patients

Phoenix Children's Hospital and Watertree Health® Team Up to Save Patients
The card can be used by people with insurance—to fill in gaps of coverage—or by the uninsured. Pediatric, heart, thyroid, diabetes, asthma, migraine and other commonly prescribed medications may be discounted. The Watertree Health Greatest …
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Would you wear a tracker to get an insurance discount?
If you don't exercise that tracker will rat you out — and you'll lose the discount. Trackers are simply a way for insurance companies to more accurately judge you. And as they get more accurate (measuring cholesterol, blood sugar levels), so will the …
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The deep-discount model followed by e-tailers is unsustainable: Kumar
The group also plans to enter the health insurance and housing finance sectors and set up a payment bank if granted a licence by RBI. Further the group would build out its NBFC as well as its garment business, the latter the largest in India. Sun Life …
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Cuero ISD iPad check-out | Dewitt County Today – The Cuero Record
Before students in grades 4-12 can check out an iPad, parents need to attend any one of the required parent meetings to hear important info for parents, complete iPad agreement forms, select options for iPad insurance and create Apple IDs if needed. If …
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