The Stars EP


You can download ‘The Stars’ EP from Facebook or Bandcamp

17 thoughts on “The Stars EP

  1. Duhtee Shews says:

    I love this man. This is one repeatable EP. Thanks for the free download :)

  2. Ewol says:

    This is pure gold. After listening to the first song on thehouseofcoxhead-blog I went straight to iTunes to purchase this EP. Didn’t find it there but found out that you are giving it away for free. All I can do is say thanks a lot. Amazing music.

  3. Javon says:

    This is amazing. You are truly talented and this music is beautiful. I’m truly speechless.

  4. ahnoj says:

    Your music makes me nostalgic, love the soothing bass-line you got on your songs. Keep up the good work, you got a new follower.

  5. Kaleef says:

    Thank you for theezz nice works and the free download. If you need promo-gigs in Berlin, let me know :)

  6. jack says:

    Awesome, love it, life size ghosts my fav, spot on.

  7. 20K says:

    EP is spectacular,Truly amazing work And Big Thanks for Free download Keep up the good work!!

  8. Sane of : Sane and Lukai says:

    Inspired, Enchanted, Moved, Grooved and all round GAASSSEEDD off this E.P (you have a bag of new fans from South London now trust me)

  9. ellen says:

    the life size ghosts remix is the best song i’ve heard all year. i cant stop playing it. keep on groovin man.

  10. ant says:

    Thank you so much for the EP, very generous of you.
    Drop me an email and i’ll send you something what i wrote?

  11. [...] Although not listed as chopped and screwed, the 21 year old British producer Catching Flies has crafted a Jill Scott remix perfect for riding around the state of Texas. No longer an upbeat testimony, this version is an affirmation to get through the challenges of daily life. If you enjoy this, check out more from Catching Flies HERE [...]

  12. gabby says:

    i love it i love it i love it.

  13. Juli Shvets says:

    You are incredible! I can listen to your tracks all day (tested!) and stay completely focused in my zone. I can’t wait to hear more music!

  14. Dominic says:

    It’s seven p.m and i’m laying on my couch listening to this gorgeous music watching the shadows on my ceiling get longer.

  15. DJ Sibz says:

    big ups brother, you are an amazing producer!!!! Shout out from South Africa

  16. Joel says:

    Definitely a personal favourite EP, Life size ghosts being tops for me.

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